Eric Omondi vs Ezekiel Mutua – War of words

Comedian Eric Omondi and KFCB Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua went on each other in an online brawl. This came after Omondi posted photos of himself which didn’t go well with Dr. Mutua.

Ezekiel Mutua said how he wondered whether Eric was a ‘Mwenda Wazimu’. The comedian was criticized for how he displays himself in online videos.

Omondi has recently declared himself the Comedy King of Africa. Dr. Mutua said that the comedian should respect himself and young viewers who watch his videos. The KFCB boss further advised that the comedian should put a disclamer in his videos saying they are for adults.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi response to Ezekiel Mutua

In response, Eric gave Ezekiel Mutua his last warning. He said that it was the wrong way to address the President of an entire continent and should stop using his name for cheap publicity stunts. Eric told Dr. Mutua that he has never understood exactly what he does for a living, stating that he has not helped the entertainment industry in any way.

Eric referenced Mutua’s recent trip to Mombasa, saying that the money he used could have helped him add cameras to his studio i.e. the recently opened Eric Omondi Studios. Eric even invited the KFCB boss to the studios.

He ended the post by telling him never to address him or use his name again, considering he never knew his story.

Eric Omondi Instagram

See Eric’s post here.

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