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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Campus is not just about books and endless lectures; at least not in Kenyatta University. There is a lot that one could engage himself/herself in within KU for recreation. If you’re sporty, there are so many sports to choose from. But let us talk about sports another time. Let’s talk matters entertainment.

A lot of you may think I’m talking about music when I say entertainment. While music is a form of entertainment, there are still other forms of entertainment such as: poetry, films, theatricals, performances, among others. Fortunately, in Kenyatta University, you can enjoy entertainment in all these forms. In fact, some of Kenya’s renowned entertainment stars are students in KU. Some of them include famous comedian MCA Tricky, gospel artist Karwirwa, among many others.

The Student’s Annex is probably the most famous of all places within KU amongst students. Actually, as a student, it is hard not to know the Annex because if it is not you who frequents the place, then it’s your friend who does. The Annex is a place where students let loose especially on weekends, usually by enjoying live mixes by disk jockeys (Djs) and an occasional beer or a few shots. Other times during weekend nights, there could be live performances by a few famous local artists or upcoming artists.

Eric Omondi Performing. Photo Credits: Kenyatta University

The arboretum is yet another popular facility. An arboretum is basically a garden where many types of trees are grown, usually for people to look at or for scientific studies. It’s not clear exactly what the arboretum at Kenyatta University was meant for initially, but it is certainly evident that students enjoy the serene environment there; and because of its aesthetic value, students often organise photo-shoots at the arboretum. As funny as it may sound, it is such a unique place such that if you know the place so well, you could even randomly tell a picture that was taken at the arboretum from a person’s profile on social media.  It is also a hospitable place for artists who like to do their practise sessions in quiet places. The arboretum is basically the place to go to when you need some peace and quiet for a while.

The shopping centre, popularly known as ‘shope’ in Sheng’ slang, is also sometimes used as entertainment hub. There are shops that are usually open for most part of the day. If you’re trying to beat time to get to a lecture just before lunch break, the shopping centre is always the spot for you. In the shops are snacks always on sale at affordable prices. Not so far away from the shops are sheds where one can relax as they have their snacks if one is not really in a rush to get somewhere. If you are big on skating, you probably may have spotted a few skaters around the shopping area particularly during evenings and weekends. The skaters keep the place bustling.

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The Cinema Hall is nearly a sacred place for theatrical enthusiasts. Most plays are performed in this hall, located at the Department of Film and Theatre just a few metres from the shopping centre. The hall is particularly famous for its tradition of hosting major performances by established theatre groups and companies in the country.

Sleepy David Performing at Kenyatta University. Photo Credits:

Another entertainment hub is the ‘Bishop-Square that hosts most Annual Culture Week events in Kenyatta University. For starters, the Annual Culture Week event is an event that takes place every year in KU that appreciates the diverse cultures and traditions represented by students in KU. The Bishop-Square mostly hosts these events. Other events could be carried out at the Bishop-Square, especially those that tend to draw huge crowds. It is, however, not usually a very busy spot throughout most of the year.

By Collins Gathogo

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