Jalango’s Tough Response to Edgar Obare

Comedian and Radio Presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango has finally responded to accusations on social media that are claiming that he and his male friends (boys club) have been using women sexually. The accusations stemmed from screenshots of a whatsapp group conversation that were shared by blogger Edgar Obare. On Tuesday, Edgar shared the screenshots on Instagram, from where a lot of reaction from Kenyans followed.

Jalango was apparently ranked the best among the boys club, considering the number of women he is alleged to have had sexual encounters. Jalango faced a lot of backlash on social media, trending for the better part of yesterday and today.

The radio presenter had no option but to reply, putting up a lengthy post on his Instagram account. In the post, Jalango said that the Whatsapp group has been in existence for many years, and the sole reason for forming the group was to engage in investments and develop the careers of members in different fields. Apparently the boys club members were people who Jalango had grew up with and had also studied at the same schools.

He said that Edgar Obare only picked what he wanted in an attempt to make them be crucified on social media. The blogger had claimed that the objective of forming the group was so that they can fulfill their pleasures.

Jalango said that he won’t defend himself, and that the chats were just random boy’s chat, which are common in most groups, only that their leaked out. He asserted that, it was just a small thing that had just been blown out of proportion by Edgar Obare. The comedian revealed that he had received many calls of people encouraging them and other condemning them, admitting that they had learned their lesson.

All this started when Jalango requested his friends to help him build his YouTube channel. This was after the COVID-19 crisis which forced most of them to close their offices. They took one apartment and turned it into a studio. After a recording session, they sit to relax and chat, but no one usually sleeps in the apartment. The only time that someone has spent the night there was when there was shooting or editing. The YouTube channel has grown tremendously in the short time it had been on existence, gathering 10,000 subscribers every week. Apparently several clients were already coming in to buy space for marketing and advertising.

The boy’s club members claim that there are too many lies on social media that they are even wondering whether people are actually talking about them. Jalango went on to dismiss the lies saying that none of his friends appear in the videos doing rounds on social media. He also said that he had not been sent on compulsory leave but was just taking a two-week annual leave.

Jalango claimed that Edgar Obare had a lot against him, referring to two times the blogger had posted damaging stuff about him. Last year, Edgar had claimed that Jalango had paid girls to appear at his event. Later on, one of the girls said that it was not true. Jalango tried to question Edgar, only for the blogger to block him and claim that he wanted to kill him. Up to now, Edgar has blocked Jalango, and apparently refers to him as the married man he doesn’t like.

The comedian said that the damage Edgar Obare has caused them cannot be repaired referring to the broken families that have resulted from the accusations, and the clients that have taken business away from them. He however said that they will not sue him. Jalango asked for forgiveness to anyone they might have offended, and requested their fans to pray for them.

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