Edgar Obare Admitted in Hospital

Edgar Obare popularly known for his online exposés on celebrities posted on Instagram how on Saturday 5th September he wanted to catch up and have lunch with an old friend. They met at ArtCaffe restaurant Capital Centre. Edgar said that there was slow service as one waiter was handling all tables in the upstairs levels. He ordered prawns tagliatelle which he says was very delicious. They enjoyed the meal for like an hour.

Edgar Obare
Photo Courtesy Instagram

Allergic Reaction

Immediately they were through, Edgar Obare says that he felt a scratchy throat. After some few minutes he found himself tearing up. His nose then blocked and he was struggling to breathe. To make it worse, his throat was closing up. Edgar says that his neck became itchy and he had hives all over. His first thought was to go get some water. He headed to the counter downstairs. Sadly, due to the slow service, there was no ArtCaffe staff member to assist him. He luckily found a bar guy who asked him if he was fine. After he was given a glass of water, he headed to the balcony to see if some fresh air will do him well. He stayed there for two minutes until he realized that he was not improving. He then went to Artcaffe’s bathroom. There was a mirror where he could check his face, that’s when he saw that his eyes were bloodshot red and his face was swollen.

Edgar Obare in Hospital
Photo Courtesy Instagram

Edgar Obare’s Road to Hospital

That is when it hit him that he needed to go to the hospital. With his friend, they went and paid at the counter. Now all Artcaffe’s staff were staring at him as they walked out. The nearest hospital was Aga Khan at Capital Centre which they sadly found that it was closed. The hospital usually closes at 4pm. They then rushed to a chemist at Naivas. On the way, they went online to check what the symptoms could mean. They found that he was having what Edgar Obare calls an extreme allergy reaction. At the chemist, they were given two antihistamine tablets. They were also told to immediately head to a hospital. Luckily, there was a Nairobi Hospital in the same mall they were in. Edgar says that he was injected with cotipred, chlorpheniramine and hydrocortisone. For two hours, he was in a hospital bed. The doctors at Nairobi Hospital informed him that it was an anaphylactic shock that he was having. Edgar Obare ended by thanking the staff at Nairobi Hospital and those at Naivas chemist.

By James Rotich

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