Chris Obure & Robert Bodo Released – Kevin Omwenga Case

Kevin Omwenga’s murder case alleged suspects have been released by the court. Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo had been named as the main suspects of the unfortunate event. Kevin Omwenga was shot dead in his Kilimani apartment at Galana Suites. It is suspected that the events took place as part of a business deal gone wrong.

The court developments come after a video showing Robert Bodo taking a fire arm from Chris Obure’s office. For this, Chris Obure was charged with a count of failing to secure a fire arm. This is according to the Fire Arms Act. Obure, who is a Nairobi businessman, was also charged with the count of failing to secure ammunition.

According to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Chris Obure unlawfully allowed his fireman to be used by Robert Bodo. This happened hours before Kevin Omwenga was murdered on August 21, 2020. Chris Obure’s office is located at Glo-jet offices in Senteu Plaza, Nairobi. DPP acknowledged that Chris Obure is a licensed firearm holder.

Robert Bodo Counts

Robert Bodo on the other hand was charged with a count of possession of firearm without a permit. DPP added another count of possession of ammunition.

Chris Obure and Robert Bodo pleaded not guilty to all the offences charged against them. Chris Obure’s lawyers had earlier claimed that Robert took the firearm without Obure’s approval. They said that it is Bodo who should be charged for the murder of Kevin Omwenga.

Bodo and Obure were released on a cash bail of Ksh. 50,000. The court directed 30th September, 2020 is the date that the case will be mentioned.

Chris Obure History with Guns

This is not the first time that Chris is arrested in a gun misuse crime. In 2016, he was charged with using his firearm to intimidate revelers. This happened at a Nairobi nightclub in Westlands when revelers filed a complaint. He denied the charge and was released on a cash bail of Kshs. 20,000.

By Titus Onyango

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