I Am Broke & Can’t Feed My Family – Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko – Former Nairobi Governor has come out to express his financial challenges. He has told a Nairobi court that he is broke.

Sonko is requesting the court to give him part of the Ksh 15 million he sent as as cash bail, in his ongoing graft cases. Apparently, most of this money was from friends and relatives who had come to his help.

He claims that he is so broke that he is unable to pay school fees for his kids. He even says that doesn’t have money to pay the lawyers handling his case.

He also says that he needs the money to pay school fees for his university studies, and cater for his family daily needs.

Mike Sonko is so desperate, that he is proposing that the bail money be substituted with three logbooks of cars belonging to a friend – who has not been named. The vehicles are insured and their total value is Ksh 30.4 million.

Because of the corruption charges, all his bank accounts were frozen; they had more that Ksh 18 million. He is requesting the money be sent to his lawyer.

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